Milton Ulladulla Music Incorporated. (MUM Inc.)

MUM has been operating in its present incarnation since 2013 when it was established by a small group of enthusiastic lovers of fine music. This came about after a question was asked, in 2012, about what Mollymook Golf Club intended to do with its unused grand piano. As a result of this contact the piano was gifted to ‘The Miltones’ (a local choir) with the understanding that it would be used to encourage high quality music performances in our local area.  After discussion at the Miltones AGM in February 2013, it was suggested that a subcommittee be set-up to plan concerts and manage the use of the piano. A call was sent out to the community to canvas interest and a meeting was held to elect a committee. The initial committee operated as a sub-committee of Miltones and this allowed MUM Inc. to become established, under the umbrella of Miltones, without the expense of public liability insurance and the complications of becoming an incorporated body.

The Rector and Parish Committee of St Martins Anglican Church in Ulladulla were approached and agreed to provide a home for our piano and a venue for our concerts, the first of which was held on 28th April 2013.

By the end of August in 2014 it became obvious that MUM had enough support to become an autonomous body and so application was made to the Department of Fair Trading for registration and incorporation. This was approved in time for the 2015 AGM and the society became officially known as Milton Ulladulla Music Inc.

As part of the process of working towards autonomy, contact was made with the Federated Music Clubs of Australia, NSW branch, with an aim to becoming affiliated with this group. It emerged that there had been a music club in the Milton Ulladulla area previously but this ceased to operate about twenty years ago. Marjorie Bailey, then secretary of the NSW Council of Federated Music Clubs, named Leone Jauncey as the founder of the society.  Unfortunately Leone Jauncey died in either 2009 or 2010 and any further historical information is somewhat uncertain.

Armed with Incorporation and Membership of FMCA, MUM Inc. has marched on, ever with the aim of increasing the standard of performer(s) that we present. Planning each concert season has been a challenge but we have managed to meet our goals and have presented at least five concerts performed by visiting international artists as well as virtuosi from Australia.

The intervention of Covid saw a wane in our membership and concert presentations but we have bounced back and with 10 years of presenting concerts and 36 concerts under our belts, a new and enthusiastic committee, we look forward to the next 10 years of providing performance by high quality soloists and ensembles for residents of the Milton – Ulladulla area.

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